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Cracking the code of the golf swing: Interview with Mike Adams

?:    What are the key components of Bioswing Dynamics?

Adams:    99% of what is taught already in golf is correct. The difference with Bioswing Dynamics is that we develop the correct individual swing for each golfer, based on his personal physical conditions.


?:     Where do golfers get the necessary information regarding their physical conditions from?

Adams:    The best way is a screening by a certified Biodynamics golf teacher. This should not take more than 5 minutes. Of course, if the golfer knows the basics of Bioswing Dynamics, he could do the screening himself, but we recommend this to be done in an initial session with the pro of your faith. Therefore it is recommendable that the first session with a new pro is always an individual session and not a group session.


?:    Does Bioswing Dynamics address all kinds of golfers or is it more favorable for pros and avid golfers?

Adams:    Our concepts applies to all kind of golfers, from the leisure orientated golfer, who only plays once per week or fortnite up to the tour pro. Our approach makes no difference regarding your personal motivation to play the game or your intention within the teaching session.


?:    Does your approach also work if a golfer has recently been coached by a pro who wanted to teach the golfer a swing which did not fit into his individual physical conditions?

Adams:    Interestingly it is quite easy to return to your natural swing – much easier than to swing a club contradicting your conditions. Most golfers remember what they did when they were successful and confident with their game. We help them to get back on that track and apply their natural way of swinging the club.


?:    What is the importance of Bioswing Dynamics in the context of golf & health, which advantages does your approach provide compared with other concepts?

Adams:    The golfers simply avoid to hurt themselves! The entire body and motion apparatus has less stress, this avoids injuries. This enables the golfers to stay healthy through their sport and to enjoy the game up to the high ages.


?:    What are the preconditions to integrate the concept into a golfer’s game and apply it consequently? Which role does the teacher play within this challenge?

Adams:     Both, teacher and golfer, need a strong will to apply the fundamentals of Bioswing Dynamics. If you know the facts, but nethertheless behave differently, your health and your game will suffer. The teacher needs a well-trained eye to observe the swing in motion and to assist the golfer in the correct application of the concept.


?:    How can golfers find a teacher applying your concept? Or can golfers adopt their game to Bioswing Dynamics on their own?

Adams:    We are currently setting up a website to list all Bioswing-certified teachers. All teachers have to undergo special trainings plus specific tests per level, before they can call themselves certified. The implementation of the concept should be supported by a teacher – the golf swing is one of the most complex moves in sports; as I said before: you need a trained eye to see, whether a golfer swings the club as he should – or not.


?:    Which role do tools and especially the Smart2Move force plate play within your method?

Adams:    In general, I prefer facts to opinions. That’s why we start with the screening. Most people do not know the data we need to evaluate their physical conditions – and if they guess, they are often wrong. Same applies with coaching a golfer: a teaching pro needs facts. Video is the basis – and enables the golfer to see and understand his own swing. Next is a launch monitor. Whether you use Trackman or Flightscope, a launch monitor is essential regarding clubhead speed, swing path and other data influencing the ball flight. The Smart2Move Force Plates are very important for the lower body motion of a golfer. Most parts of the golf swing have to do with motion and power. Smart2Move is doing a fantastic job to measure the relevant data to evaluate the transformation of the Bioswing-basics within the swing. They provide unique data for the teacher, which are not available from a launch monitor or video.


?:    Are the force plates recommendable for all golfers?

Adams:    Definitely! A target orientated teacher needs as much information on his student as possible. The force plates tell us whether the golfer uses his natural conditions and forces in the best way – or helps us to understand, why his current motion is not appropriate to his physics. Smart2Move provides a unique tool, they give every coach more and especially more precise information. This founds the basis for an individual coaching plan to make our students become better in the game. They have managed to provide a technology, which would have cost more than 100.000 USD prior to this century at an amount affordable for every golf school. I can only recommend my colleagues to integrate all these fantastic devices into their teaching concept. Furthermore it helps the golfer to understand, guided by his teacher, why he advances – or not.


?:    And how do you rate the power insoles Smart2Move provides?

Adams:    They are a very good tool for the everyday training of the golfer. In combination with a lesson the golfer can collect data during his self-guided session and provide them to his teacher. The teacher can analyze the given data and help the student to develop a training plan. But golfers can also self-evaluate their training success, e.g. by a combination of the insoles with a launch monitor such as the Flightscope Meva.


?:    Is Bioswing Dynamics appropriate for golfers with e.g. physical limitations due to age or former illnesses?

Adams:    It definitely is! Bioswing automatically considers these aspects, even if they have an impact on the physical condition of a golfer. Once again, the basis for a teaching concept is screening. If for instance a golfer has had a hip replacement, this might change whether he is a single post, center-post or two-post golfer. By evaluating his motion in a screening we are able to provide the best support in teaching to his personal situation.


?:    How do you spread your concept within the golf industry?

Adams:     Of course my own golf schools in the United States are based on my findings. But I have a clear mission to enhance the teaching performance in golf worldwide. Together with Smart2Move I am coaching teaching pros in more than 20 countries this year; last year included more than 10 countries and 2018 shall be similar. The spread within the golf scene is mostly secured by word to mouth: golfers, who have achieved success with our concept will spread the news immediately. Therefore, the clubhouse terrace is our most important marketplace.


?:    Does Bioswing also have an impact on golf hardware and fitting?

Adams:    Yes, sequence of action is an important aspect. Fitting should not correct the mistakes a golfer makes. Therefore, step 1 should be the correct application of the individual swing for the particular golfer. Based on this change the fitting will automatically consider the results from applying Bioswing for this individual golfer. If a golfer has the wrong clubs, his development will be limited. Swing and hardware have to be a symbiosis. In the United States we have some great results together with Tourspec and Coolclubs. 


?:    How do the pros in your seminars react to your proposals, do the national PGAs support you?

Adams:    The reactions are very positive, as the concept is quite convincing. Being a World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame-Member and being appointed among the top teachers in the world definitely gives me a high credibility. We have some great cooperations with national PGAs. The PGA of America for instance is supporting the spread of Bioswing by organizing several events per year during the PGA-Shows in Orlando and Las Vegas.


?:    Mike, thank you very much for the very interesting interview.

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